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Underfloor Heating House Packs - What's included?

This page has been created to answer some common questions regarding the contents of the Polypipe Underfloor Heating House Packs.

Each House Pack Contains:

  • Appropriate Flooring product for the area as selected
  • Manifold appropriatre to the number of circuits
  • Pipe Coils for the selected number of circuits (80m Coils)
  • Isolation Valves and Underfloor Central Heating Control Pack
    • ( Usually PB970015 which includes pump, 2 port motorised valve, UFCH Mixer valve bend and adaptors )
  • Pipe Stiffeners

Underfloor Heating Pack Contents When you browse the products on Underfloor Heating Depot you will notice that all the packs show a list of contents clearly showing what is included so you can see what you are getting.

Because we do not know how many rooms you want to control, no thermostats or actuators are included.

These should be purchased separately along with the wiring centre and appropriate Slave unit.

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What is NOT included?

Everyone's requirements are different and the number of thermostats and actuators that you need will differ depending on how many rooms you will want to control individually.

These should be purchased separately along with the Wiring Centre and appropriate Slave Unit.

1. Room Thermostats

1. Room Thermostats

Polypipe underfloor heating controls allow each room to be both time and temperature controlled via the use of a programmable room thermostat.

Each thermostat is wired back to a master wiring centre and can control 1 zone and up to four actuators.

(Note: Rooms over 40m2 should be allocated as 2 zones and have 2 room thermostats.

The PBPRP thermostat allows 24 hour or 7 day timer operation and temperature control with several useful features. There is also a wireless thermostat, code PBPRPRF.

You will find these, along with dial thermostats and time clocks in our Room Temperature Control section.

Also available are Room Temperature Control Packs which include the Master Unit, and the relevant number of thermostats and corresoponding Slave Unit. (available as either single, 4 Zone, 6 Zone or 8 Zone packs.)

2. Valve Actuators

An actuator is required on each circuit that requires control.

Each circuits covers 15m2 for Solid (200mm centres), Suspended and Floating Floor, and approximately 10m2 for Solid (100mm centres) Overlay and Overlay Lite Floors.

Up to four actuators can be controlled by each room thermostat. The polyplumb two wire actuator is code PB00401 and you can find it in the Room Temperature Control section of the site.
2. Valve Actuators
3. Wiring Centre / Slave unit

3. Wiring Centre / Slave unit

The Master Wiring Centre and Slave Units operate the relevant manifold actuators, the underfloor heating pump and the two-port zone valve.

The number of control zones you require will depend on the number of rooms you wish to control individually.

If you just want to have one single zone then the Single Zone Master, PB1ZM can have the underfloor heating pump, two port zone valve, boiler switched live connection and the room thermostat wired into it directly.

If you want multiple room control, simply add the appropriate 'slave' unit. These slave units simply plug into the Master to provide additional connections for the required number of zones.

Also available are Room Temperature Control Packs which include the Master Unit, and the relevant number of thermostats and corresoponding Slave Unit. (available as either single, 4 Zone, 6 Zone or 8 Zone packs.)

The 4, 6 and 8 zone packs describe the number of areas you wish to control, not neccessarily the number of circuits you are supplying from the manifold.

4. Wet Room Sensor

4. Wet Room Sensor

If you plan to extend the underfloor heating into a bathroom or wet room then you will need the PB23020 Wet Room Sensor. It can be either wall or floor mounted within the wet room itself.

The sensor can be connected to a programmable room thermostat up to 3 metres away with the supplied cable or up to 10 metres away if extended with a cable of a similar rating.

5. Pipe Cutters

5. Pipe Cutters

Accessories such as glue and tape are included in the relevant packs. (The Overlay House packs include the glue, and the Overlay Lite Packs contain the aluminium tape (ALTP))

However Pipe Cutters are not included in any of the House Packs.

We recommend you always use approved polypipe pipe cutters such as PB781 (pictured) and never a hacksaw when cutting polyplumb underfloor heating pipe.

More Information

More Information

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